How did this story start, when and where I decided to fly, I really have a hard time remembering. All I know is that I wanted to, that’s it.



I had a flight booked, the first one in the morning at 9 a.m.. With a recommendation of a friend of mine, who has been paragliding for many years, I was going to fly with Yiğit; in his words “the best” pilot in Ölüdeniz(Dead Sea). I was a little nerveous but more than that I was looking forward to it. I was waiting for the minibus to depart at the flight office in Ölüdeniz(Dead Sea). Finally the minibus arrived and after nearly half an hours ascent we reached Babadağ at 2000 meters.


As soon as we reached the summit, they began to open the parachute and preparing my gear. First they put me in a jumpersuit with lacings through my chest, waists and legs; which would tie the pilot and me to each other. We started waiting at the start of the slope, with an inclination of 40 degrees, the pilot attached to the parachute and me to the pilot.


At that exact moment, my nerves went flying out the window. My heart was racing behind my ears and I was about to change my mind. The pilot was telling me that soon we will start running and the parachute will fill with air as we run and ascend and before we even reach the end of the slope we’ll already be airborne. It was at that point I decided to go back. I was saying things like “I don’t want to fly, let’s go back, this is crazy!” when the pilot asked me loudly:


Which I answered as loud as possible:


And then he said:


My senses left me, my pulse hit the roof and my adrenal glands were producing adrenalin like a factory. Of course I listened what the boss said and acted Forrest Gump: Run Selin, run! My feet started to lose contact with the ground which was followed by a mighty scream echoed around the Mediterranean but then the funny moments started. Under my feet the view of the most wonderful lagoon in the world, the wind whistling in my ears, the awe of being mid-air and unlimited quantities of adrenalin. It was indescribable.

For almost thirty minutes we glided in the sky. We talked, laughed and took like a hundred photos. From time to time we rolled over doing crazy maneuvers, which the pilot did intentionaly and with laughter. In those insane moments of flipping and rolling, I felt the G-Force which I’m familiar from physics books. I was terrified and I was amused. When we landed softly I turned to Yiğit and said:

-Let’s go another round!



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